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ADI Check test fears and preparation courses Essex

Posted on Wednesday 17th October, 2012 at 14:10 COMMENTS (2)

Check test feared by ADI's and training ignored

Driving Instructors (ADI's) are obliged to undertake a check test during the driving instructor's period of four year registration. 

For some this may mean having their instruction scrutinised by a DSA examiner during that period more than once or if they are lucky (I should say good). 

It's fair to suggest that many of the current driving instructors on the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) register are apprehensive about taking a check test. 

The latest figures (January 2012) show that around 9% of Check-Tests were failed in 2011 with some instructors being removed from the register and losing their livelihood after three failed tests. 

Whilst many of those instructors would suggest they are better than their last check test grade, indeed would hope to get a higher grade, very few do anything to achieve success. 

Why do instructors ignore further training?

Experience brings with it confidence and complacency, so we often get comfortable in the job using the methods that have got us through over time. 

For many instructors a sub standard Check-Test comes as a complete shock - one day they feel that they are doing a good job and their pupils are happy and the next they are suddenly faced with the real prospect of losing their livelihood. 

Throughout the driving instructors period of registration success may have been achieved, either from learners passing their driving test or recommendations gained through pupils satisfaction. 

This of course lulls the instructor into a false sense of security as before long if we are not careful we can tend to get stale, using outdated methods and worn out teaching practices that are not up to the present demands of the job. 

The economic climate has seen a downturn of learners taking driving lessons for some and therefore resulted in a decline in instructor funds whilst others have benefited by success and are over whelmed by new students. 

Either scenario has prompted instructors to cite this as reasons to decline or fail to participate in further training but this is of course false economy as failure to achieve positive results will mean a loss of income due to a reduction in pupil numbers or worse still being struck off the register . 

It therefore makes sense to have your instructional skills checked out and updated before your next DSA Check Test. Make a booking

Although if approached properly armed with an up to date insight into what the DSA Check Test requirements are, then the ADI can not only get through the experience successfully, but afterwards expect to enjoy greater job satisfaction, knowing that his or her performance is 'up to standard'. 

This can result in better instructor performance and subsequently, greater income and job security. 

Check Test Training with one of our experienced Grade 6 qualified instructor trainers can help give a fresh approach to an ADI's performance, resulting in greater confidence, increased job satisfaction and income. 

We generally conduct a Check Test assessment in one of two formats - the choice is down to you:

- Assessment of you giving a real-life driving lesson with a learner or qualified driver, or
- Role play assessment on a subject of your choice from the list of DSA pre-set topics

If it is your intention to conduct a regular Check Test with a learner or qualified driver, then it is far better if we can see your skills first-hand. 

For some ADIs, however, a role play Check Test may be their preferred or only option.  In this case, we can play the role of a DSA examiner conducting the assessment. 

Our ADI check test preparation courses include:

  • An overview of the Check Test marking system
  • Full information on the conduct of a Check Test, including a discussion of the common pitfalls
  • Discussion of your specific goals for the session
  • Initial assessment of a lesson (real or role play)
  • Interactive debrief, identifying your main areas for improvement
  • On road driver coaching, where necessary, to address your key areas for development
  • Written report detailing specific feedback with a view to achieving an improved grade

In all cases, the development coaching sessions will be individually prepared to suit your needs. 

Make a booking

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