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Driving Instructor numbers fall in RM and SS Postcodes

Posted on Thursday 11th May, 2017 at 11:05 COMMENTS (0)

If you live near or drive around any of the local driving test centres in Essex you'll notice an abundance of driving school cars and learners mastering the art of driving. 

Yet according to the most recent statistics (December 2016), actually show fewer driving instructors are on the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency register. 

The number of driving instructors on the Register rose to over 44,000 approved driving instructors (ADI's*) on the Register in 2013, building from a large peak in ADI theory tests around 2009 possibly due to individuals considering a career change during the recession. 

However, as at 31st December 2016, there were:

39,467 ADIs on the statutory register
-1.9% compared to Dec 2015
-15.3% compared to Dec 2011

Indeed, local regions of Essex have noticed a fall of between 6% in the RM postcode, 17% fewer driving instructors in the SS postcode whilst the CM postcode saw numbers fall by 23%. 

376 qualified ADI's and 17 PDI'S in the SS Postcode
490 qualified ADI's and 07 PDI'S in the RM Postcode
484 qualified ADI's and 12 PDI'S in the CM Postcode

What does this mean?

Fewer driving instructors on the Register could mean learner drivers encounter added difficulties and expense. 

Less choice. 

Waiting times for driving lessons have increased considerably over the last few years with learners, particularly of automatic lessons having to wait up to 12 weeks before able to start driving. 

Increased expense. 

The cost of learning to drive has increased, on average to £25 for manual and further to £27 for automatic driving lessons. 

The benefits of fewer driving instructors. 

There is some good news for the learner driver however; fewer driving instructors will likely mean that those that remain on the register are better qualified (Standards Check). 

As a consequence, learners will perhaps receive a better quality of service and level of instruction. 

With instructors seeing a greater demand and a higher charge out fee, we may see a return to the levels of personal development in instructors that we noticed a decade ago. 

With the economic conditions in the country set to slow and a lack of general instructor recruitment low, the number of instructors may continue to drop further until the ideal conditions have been met. 

*ADI :

An Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) is someone who has passed their ADI tests and has been added to the ADI statutory register.  ADIs must undergo a standards check during each 4-year registration period.


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Driving Instructor pass rates rise in 2015

Posted on Friday 11th December, 2015 at 11:12 COMMENTS (0)

The number of PDIs passing their Part 1 theory test in Q3 2015 rose by two-fifths on the previous year according to the latest government figures. 

...  Read further about Driving Instructor pass rates rise in 2015

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ADI standards test is easier to get a top grade but easier to fail

Posted on Thursday 27th November, 2014 at 09:11 COMMENTS (1)

Under the previous check test system, driving instructors were graded from 1 to 6.  With instructors achieving the highest 6 grade being somewhat of the elite.  The new standards test system on the other hand grades ADIs simply into just two satisfactory categories, A and B, where A is the best grade. 

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A Simpler Standards Check for Driving Instructors

Posted on Thursday 10th April, 2014 at 15:04 COMMENTS (0)

On 7th April 2014 the current driving instructors 'Check test' was replaced with a new 'Standards Check'. 

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Latest Announcement on ADI Standards Check

Posted on Saturday 23rd November, 2013 at 09:11 COMMENTS (0)

From Monday 7 April 2014, Driving Standards Agency (DSA) will use the 'standards check' to assess how well an approved driving instructor (ADI) meets the required standard. 

...  Read further about Latest Announcement on ADI Standards Check

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