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Compass Instructor Training provides manual or automatic driving lessons with one of our associated driving schools in Basildon, Grays, Brentwood and surrounding Essex areas. 

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Learning To Drive Basildon

Why use a Driving Instructor to learn to drive?
The Driver Vehicle Standards Agency strongly recommends that you take lessons from an Approved Driving Instructor(ADI), there is no doubt that this is the safest and most enjoyable way to learn. 

We recognise that many people would like to combine professionally structured training lessons whilst also driving with an accompanying driver such as a parent or friends.  We will always be happy to offer advice on legalities and structured training programmes.

Short notice practical driving tests Basildon Tilbury

If you are not currently a pupil of a Compass Driver Training and have a practical driving test booked but don't have an instructor to take you, we may be able to help. 

Although we usually like to see you at least 4 weeks prior to your test we are aware that this is not always possible. 

If you find yourself in this position please contact us ASAP so that we can confirm that an instructor is free to help you. 

A minimum of 6 hours of training is required (£138.00), the pre-test lesson & use of the school vehicle on the test day may be inclusive .  If further guidance is necessary, the instructor will recommend as appropriate at £24 per hour. 

Please note that our driving instructors will determine each candidate's suitability based on ability and safety and offer no guarantees they will take you for test unless they deem you suitable. 

Compass Driving School offers Driving Lessons and Crash Courses in Basildon, Pitsea, Laindon, Wickford, & Benfleet Essex

Learn to drive with Compass Driver Training in Basildon

Compass Instructors teach in a logical sequence and progression of lessons that will be tailored to meet individual requirements.  Every learner who has driving lessons with us, will be provided with a personal, planned programme of tuition which includes a pupil assessment record. 

This programme is agreed between learner and the instructor and takes account of previous driving experience, preferred learning style and level of confidence. 

As a result, you will be fully prepared for the driving tests and beyond, at a pace that suits you.  When you learn to drive, it's important that your training experience is enjoyable and rewarding.  Each teaching session will be strictly one to one as we recognise that it can be off putting with someone else sharing your lesson. 

Our cars are fully air conditioned, dual controlled in a variety of diesel or petrol models so we expect the car that you learn in will be both easy to handle and reliable. 

Compass instructors can be found in most towns throughout Essex, inc.  Basildon, Pitsea, Benfleet, & Laindon.  So you?ll always find a Compass instructor nearby and your nearest centre will only be a phone call away. 


Preparing to learn to drive

The minimum age which you can legally drive a car on the public roads is 17.  If you are disabled and in receipt of the higher rate of mobility allowance, the minimum age is 16. 

You will need to apply for a provisional driving licence and can be done quickly and easily online or by completing a D1 application form available at most post offices. 

The current cost of a first provisional driving licence is £34 (car).  All applications made by filling in the D1 will also require original documentation to be sent to the DVLA to confirm your identity. 

If you are the holder of a foreign driving licence and want or need to change to a Great Britain (GB) driving licence there are certain conditions that need to be considered when applying.  To determine your need to apply for a GB driving licence, you can use the interactive tool

Having an eye test
A good time to have an eye test is just before you start learning to drive.  It is useful to mention to the optometrist that you are about to learn to drive.  The legal requirement is to read a car number plate at 20.5m (75?). 

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Learn to drive in a manual or automatic car

Compass Driving School is pleased to be able to offer driving lessons in manual (traditional gears) or automatic cars.  Although most people choose to learn in a manual car.  Automatics are particularly popular for those that require something a little easier or if the learner has had difficulties with gears or has limited mobility. 

When you do pass a driving test in a manual car and gain a full driving licence you can go on to drive a manual or automatic car in the future.  If, however, you pass your test in an automatic that's the only sort of car you're then qualified to drive.  In an automatic you don't have to learn to use the clutch and gears, it's a much simpler task and means you can give more of your attention to what's happening on the road. 

If you have ever driven a car with an automatic transmission, then you know that there are two big differences between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission, if you haven't then you will need to know that:

There is no clutch pedal in an automatic transmission car.  There is no gear lever in an automatic transmission car but instead a selector.  Once you put the transmission into drive, everything else is automatic.  Both the automatic transmission and a manual transmission (with its clutch) accomplish exactly the same thing, but they do it in totally different ways. 

When driving an automatic car the usual layout for a gear selector is:
P - Park - this locks all the gears and should be used when stationary. 
R - Reverse
N - Neutral - No gear is selected. 
D - Drive - This is used for driving forward. 
1 - First Gear. 
2 - Second Gear. 

Note: Some automatic cars may have extra selections than those shown above

Advanced Driving Lessons
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