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Compass Instructor Training provides manual or automatic driving lessons with one of our associated driving schools in Basildon, Grays, Brentwood and surrounding Essex areas. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Driving Instructor Training Romford

How qualified are Compass Driving Instructor Training

Compass Driving Instructor Training have over 25 years experience teaching individuals to become driving instructors.  Our two trainers are highly experienced grade 6 instructors, with over 50 combined years of training in the profession.

Will Compass guarantee me a career once I have qualified as a Driving Instructor?

Once you have successfully completed your training, we normally offer you a position in one of our associated driving schools.  We will commence an in depth discussion about your future career as soon as you have completed Part 2 of your training.  We have career development specialists who can give you expert help and advice to assist you in making the right decision.

Do I have to do the Theory course?

No.  Although it may be possible to pass the theory test without training, initially saving money, it is our experience that trainees do so with a lack of understanding that then hinders progression costing time and further expense.

Can I make mistakes on the tests?

Yes, the Theory exam has an overall pass mark of 85%, whilst on the driving test, a maximum of 6 driving faults are permitted.  The Instructional exam is graded 1-6 with grades 3 and below being sub standard.

How long will it take to qualify?

To become an ADI, you will have to pass three exams in order, within two years from passing the Theory test.  This will depend on the individual's ability, personal circumstances and examination timetables.  This typically takes 4 - 8 months from completing the Theory course to starting on a Trainee Licence, about 3 months longer for taking the Instructional exam.

How much will the training course cost?

The cost will depend on the trainee's ability and exam fees at the time of booking.  As this will depend on each individual circumstance, further details can be obtained by contacting Compass on 01268 728269 for an individual quote.  The training can be financed on a pay as you train basis, payable per lesson, or through credit terms. 
As a guide, view the prices page.

Are there any hidden costs?

Our course fees are inclusive of all training hours as stated.  If you require further training, it is payable by the hour rate.  Our aim is to fully prepare you for each stage of the training process.

Does a 40-hour working week mean teaching 40 pupils?

A standard driving lesson is for 60 minutes.  We encourage pupils to take double lessons when necessary or training packages of multiple lessons.  With this in mind our average instructor will see 20 to 25 pupils per week.

How do you fill the driving instructor's diary with pupil appointments?

You tell us which hours in the week you wish to work.  We will add those details to your central diary.  When pupils phone us we can then make bookings into the space allocated.  Should a pupil want a block booking, then we will only reserve the first appointment into your diary.  Your subsequent discussion in the car will include organising the future appointments with them.

Can I teach before I qualify?

Yes.  Having passed the Driving Test, you must complete 40 hours of Instructional training before the issue of a 'Trainee Licence' and then a further 20 hours of training or choose to have 20% of your paid lessons supervised when the licence has been issued.

What are my potential earnings?

Please read our Potential Earnings page for more information.

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