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Compass Instructor Training provides manual or automatic driving lessons with one of our associated driving schools in Basildon, Grays, Brentwood and surrounding Essex areas. 

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Qualified Driving Instructor - Potential Earnings

Once qualified as a driving instructor you will have a range of attractive career options available to you.  In making your decision you will need to look at your earnings potential and how this will be generated.  Your income will be derived from the pupils you teach, minus the cost of your franchise fees and expenses such as petrol. 

The figures shown are based on a driving instructor working full time i.e 40 hours per week.  Many instructors choose to work more or less hours than this and therefore their income may be greater, or if they work part time, less than that shown. 

Career Development
The Driving Schools that we are associated with are constantly looking to improve the service they provide to its instructors.  Therefore we do review our franchise package to reflect these changes.  In addition new franchise packages may be introduced each year. 

The training establishment works very closely with local driving schools, in particular, Karen's School of Motoring, and Automatic Pass.  These driving school's, actively encourage Driving Instructors to continue to develop their own skills (Continuing Professional Development).  We are able to offer support and training in Instructional and Driver improvement.  Depending on your experience and skills, you'll have the opportunity to progress.  As an example to a senior 'Mock Test' Instructor, offering flexibility and greater earnings potential. 

We are also associated with many other schools that may be in a position to offer you an alternative placement.  Alternatively, if you would prefer to operate your own business, we would be happy to offer start up advice and support. 

Franchise fees
Driving instructors will typically pay a weekly franchise fee to the school they work with.  Charges are extremely variable, however, compared with other driving schools, the franchise fee for Compass Driver Training, Karen's School of Motoring, and Automatic Pass is very competitive. 

The fee that you pay is based on your choice of working hours, ie.  part or full time and your choice of car option.  These options are again based on your preferences and the requirements of the school.  Some driving schools will be able to provide a car whilst it may be in your best interests to lease or use your own vehicle.  The cost of leasing, depending on vehicle, may be about £60 per week. 

For those instructors that have shown dedication to the school, we offer, Franchise fee FREE weeks.  After 12 months of working together, we provide a nice bonus.  This can be taken for your holidays or over the Christmas period.  We provide our instructors with a choice of loaning a school vehicle, a fixed term contract hire or purchasing a suitable car. 

Your income
As a Driving Instructor you are required to pay tax and NI as a self employed worker.  We would recommend that you seek the services of an accountancy service.  To save your time and money, we have negotiated a special deal with a firm of accountants that have experience of helping driving instructors.  Please ask for further details at your interview. 

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Potential Earnings Calculator

Potential Weekly Gross Earnings: 
Franchise Fee to Driving School
Driving School Car
Inland Revenue / NIC£75.00
Accountant£ 5.00
DIA Membership / Personal Insurance£ 3.00
Potential Weekly Net Earnings:





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